Universal Clamp Plate

An enquiry was received for a replacement clamp plate with a rough outline Drawing.

The clamp plate to be quoted needed design and development to achieve improved strength due to failure under load of existing product.

The clamp plate would be welded onto various assemblies and was urgently required to replace failing items.

There was a limited tooling budget  and a need to rapidly develop a workable product.

We were able to quote quickly after considering various options and then set about the task.

Using our rapid tooling development approach and our in house expertise we produced a sample and established key dimensional features.

We were able to identify with the customer these key features to improve strength and reduce cost.

The process undertaken resulted in laser cut parts being formed in our press brake cell and finished to a high standard.

The first batch was supplied in time to  facilitate  their urgent  build programme .

We were pleased to demonstrate our “fast response metal engineering “ techniques and look forward to a good relationship with this new customer.

  • bsi
    Certification number: FM558138