Personal Fall Arrest System Components

Personal Fall Arrest System Components

Redfern Stevens Specialise in the Manufacture and Fabrication of a Wide range of Personal Fall Arrest System Components which are used in Safety Wire Restraint Personal Fall Arrest Systems to protect personnel from falling when working near any Roof Edges and on Aerial Walkways.

The systems manufactured include the Ladder Mounts and Brackets, the Intermediate Brackets, the Cover Brackets, Brackets for both Vertical and Horizontal Systems and the Anchor Posts. The Cable is fed through the Corner Brackets and Anchor Posts.

The Redfern Stevens products are an integral part of Personal Fall Arrest System Solutions and are manufactured to meet the stringent quality requirements of the Work at Height Regulations.

Fall Prevention forms a crucial element to the construction of any structure to ensure that users are protected from danger.

A typical Personal Fall Arrest System will allow the user freedom of movement to undertake their cleaning and maintenance work, construction work, demolition work in a safe environment without being subjected to any unnecessary risk.

All products are fully weatherproof and are easy to install.

The products also support Roof safety Support Systems.

Redfern Stevens has extensive experience of the requirements of TIG and MIG Welding which form a crucial part of any Personal Fall Arrest System.

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    Certification number: FM558138